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Pest Control Services

Pests, whether they're wasps, rodents, fleas, bed bugs, or birds, are not just an inconvenience. They pose a significant threat to your health, comfort, and even the integrity of your property. We are available throughout Fareham, Portsmouth, Gosport, Petersfield and Hampshire For immediate assistance, call us now at 07501702101 or 02393092101. 

Pegasus Pest Solutions - Your Guardian Against Pests

At Pegasus Pest Solutions, we understand the importance of a pest-free environment. That's why we are dedicated to providing top-tier pest control services throughout Portsmouth, Fareham, Hampshire, and the adjoining counties. Our experts in wasp removal, rodent control, flea and bed bug extermination, and bird proofing work diligently to restore the tranquillity of your home or business.

pest control services

Our Pest Control Services

Wasp Removal Services

A wasp infestation is more than an annoyance—it's a danger to you and your loved ones. Our professional wasp removal services ensure that your property is free from these stinging pests, while always prioritizing your safety.

Rodent Control Services

Rodents can cause substantial damage to your property and pose serious health risks. Our rodent control experts use advanced techniques to eradicate these unwelcome guests, keeping your environment clean and safe.

Flea and Bed Bug Control Services

Sleep tight without letting the bed bugs bite. Our flea and bed bug control services aim to give you the peace of mind you deserve. We use effective treatments to eliminate these pesky insects from your property.

Bird Proofing Services

Birds can cause noise disruption, property damage, and health risks through their droppings. Our bird proofing services offer comprehensive solutions to keep these feathered pests at bay, safeguarding your property, and even your solar panels.

Cockroach Removal Services

Cockroaches are hardy pests that spread fast across a building, contaminating it and posing health hazards. Our cockroach removal services use effective techniques to get rid of these pests, leaving your home clean and pest-free.

Spider Control Services

In addition to being uncomfortable, spiders can sometimes be dangerous when they bite. Our goal with our spider control services is to get rid of these arachnids so that you and your family may live in a more secure and comfortable space.

Squirrel Removal Services

Though they could be adorable, squirrels can harm wiring, cause damage to insulation, and even present a fire risk when they get into your property. Our squirrel removal services are designed to remove these animals from your property humanely and efficiently, avoiding any possible damage.

Beetle Extermination Services

Whether they are wood-boring or pantry pests, beetles can harm your possessions and property. Our beetle extermination services preserve your home and maintain the structural integrity of your property by using targeted approaches to eradicate these pests.

Fly Control Services

In addition to being an annoyance, flies can contaminate food and spread disease. Our fly control services use calculated tactics to get rid of flies and stop them from coming back, making your home healthier and more hygienic.

Apart from our expertise in pest management, we recognise the significance of handling a wide variety of pest-related problems. As a result, we provide thorough solutions for getting rid of cockroaches, spiders, squirrels, beetles, and flies. With the newest equipment and expertise, our team of professionals can handle these unique pest problems and keep your property free of pests while maintaining your peace of mind. 

Our services are customised to match the specific demands of our clients, offering efficient and long-lasting solutions in every situation—whether it's the darting beetles, the web-spinning spiders, or the incessant buzzing of flies. Remain secure, hygienic, and comfortable in your home by entrusting our pest control services to eradicate unwanted pests.

For professional pest control in Fareham, Portsmouth, Petersfield, Gosport, and the surrounding areas, call us on 02393092101.

Benefits of hiring professional pest control experts

Effective Disposal

Expert pest control services have access to specialised equipment, know-how, and treatments that are quite successful in getting rid of pests from your house or place of business.

Individualised Solutions

Every pest issue is different. Professional pest control companies customise their methods to target the particular pests that are infesting your property, resulting in a more focused and effective remedy.

Health and Safety

Chemicals that are frequently used in pest control can be dangerous if not used appropriately. Professionals are qualified to use these substances responsibly, reducing hazards to you, your loved ones, and your pets.

FAQs About Pest Control Services

Are my family and pets safe from the pesticides used by pest control services?

Absolutely. Reputable pest treatment companies employ eco-friendly, secure insecticides and put the security of your loved ones first.

How frequently should I plan inspections for pest control?

It depends on elements including your location and the property's history with pests. In general, a yearly inspection is advised.

Do I have to leave my house while getting pest control?

No, not always. The majority of the time, you can stay at home during pest control treatments because they are made to have a minimal impact on your everyday life.

Can I try doing my own pest control before hiring a pro?

DIY techniques may provide short-term relief, but professional pest control services bring knowledge and long-term fixes that DIY techniques frequently lack.

Are only severe infestations that require pest control services?

No, pest control services are useful both for reaction and for prevention. Infestations can be stopped before they become severe problems with routine inspections and treatments.

Why Choose Pegasus Pest Solutions?

Our team of qualified technicians carry out safe, professional treatments, driven by a commitment to high standards rooted in our founder's military background. We ensure rapid response callouts, at a time that suits you, to effectively handle all your pest control needs.

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We are available throughout Fareham, Portsmouth, Gosport, Petersfield and the surrounding areas.

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