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Pest Control in Portsmouth

Friendly & Reliable Pest Control Services Portsmouth

We at Pegasus Pest Solutions are aware of the worry and annoyance that dealing with pests in your home or place of business can cause. Because of this, we provide thorough pest control services in Portsmouth to assist you in permanently getting rid of these pesky intruders.

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Our Portsmouth Pest Control Services

To meet your unique needs, we provide a variety of pest control services, including:

Residential Pest Control

Our residential pest control services are intended to keep your family safe and safeguard your home from pests. To prevent pests from reoccurring, we provide one-time treatments as well as continuous preventative maintenance services.

Commercial Pest Control

We are aware of the particular difficulties that come with dealing with pests in a commercial setting. As businesses of different sizes, including restaurants, hotels, and healthcare institutions, require unique pest control strategies, we provide them.

Some of the pest control services were can help with include:

- Wasp removal

- Rodent control Portsmouth

- Fleas and bedbugs

- Bird proofing

Signs of Pest Infestation

Droppings: Keep an eye out for droppings in places where pests are active, such as cabinets, drawers, or baseboards. Determine the type of droppings to ascertain which insect is present. Various bugs leave different forms of droppings.

Materials that have been chewed: Look for bite marks or holes in the furniture, walls, and other objects. Rodents and insects can gnaw through practically anything, including cables, wood, and insulation as well as food packaging.

Odd smells: Certain pests give out an offensive odour that is quickly identified. An infestation of pests may be present if your home has a musty or bad odour.Nests and burrows: In secret locations on your property, such as in walls or under floorboards, pests may build nests and burrows. Search for evidence of nesting materials, such as torn pieces of fabric or paper.

Visible pests: In some instances, the pests themselves may be visible. This is particularly typical of insects that roam about in the open, like ants or cockroaches.

Damage to plants: If you have any plants on your property, look for evidence of deterioration or asymmetry in their growth. Certain pests, like caterpillars or aphids, eat on plants and can do serious harm.

By being aware of these indicators, you can act quickly to treat the pest issue and stop it from getting worse.

Tips to help prevent pests

When it comes to pest control, prevention is always preferable to treatment. There are several sensible measures you can take to keep pests out of your property, these include:

- Weatherstripping, caulk, or foam sealant can be used to fill cracks and crevices around doors and windows.

- Avoid leaving food out in the open and carefully store it in sealed containers.

- To prevent attracting pests, wipe up spills right away and keep your dining and kitchen spaces clean on a regular basis.

- Keep your environment clean and clutter-free to remove potential pest homes.

- Vacuum, sweep and dust your home or office on a regular basis to maintain it clean and pest-free.

Call us at 02393092101 if you have any queries or concerns about pest control in Portsmouth. All of your needs for pest control can be met by our team of professionals.

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