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Wasp Nest Removal Portsmouth

Wasp Nest Removal Portsmouth

If you live in Portsmouth and need wasp nest removal services, Pegasus Pest Solutions is here to help. We specialise in pest control, including removing wasp nests from residential and commercial properties. To speak with a wasp removal expert, contact us by calling 023 9309 2101 or 07501 70 2101. Our experts will speak with you about your wasp infestation and create a detailed plan about the best way to remove the nest. You can set up a time and date for our experts to come and handle the problem for you.

Wasp Nest Removal Portsmouth

Wasp Removal Services

Wasp nests can be incredibly annoying and potentially dangerous to try and remove yourself. That’s why we recommend speaking with one of our experts before taking any further steps. Here, at Pegasus Pest Solutions, we provide a complete wasp removal service throughout Portsmouth. That means we handle every aspect of the removal process to ensure that your property is completely free from wasp infestations. Dealing with pests, such as wasps, is our expertise. Our teams include qualified and trained individuals who can assess your wasp infestation and put together the best plan to remove them.

Wasp Nest Dangers

Wasp nests may be harmful for a number of reasons. Wasps can be aggressive and will sting if they feel threatened, so keep that in mind. A single wasp sting might be fatal if you have a wasp allergy.

Wasp nests not only put you in risk from the wasps themselves, but they can also harm the structure of your home. As the nest expands, it may destabilise the neighbourhood, necessitating expensive repairs.

It's essential to contact a reputable wasp nest removal service as soon as you become aware of a wasp nest on your home. It can be unsafe and may not be successful to attempt to remove the entire nest on your own.

We at Wasp Nest Removal Portsmouth have the knowledge and skills necessary to remove wasp nests in a secure and efficient manner. To arrange a consultation and receive a price estimate for our services, contact us right now.

How to Stop Wasp Nests from Appearing in Your Property

You may be able to eliminate the need for wasp nest removal services in the future by preventing wasp nests from developing on your property. The following advice will help you avoid wasp nests:

  • Seal any cracks or holes in your property's exterior to keep wasps from making nests inside.
  • Food scraps should not be left on your property since they can attract wasps.
  • Trim any overhanging branches or foliage that might serve as a good wasp nesting site.
  • To keep wasps from being drawn to the area, cover any outdoor food or beverages.

Even though following these guidelines can help wasp nests from developing, it's still crucial to be watchful and look out for any signs of a nest. To avoid any potential hazard, if you do come upon a nest, get in touch with a professional wasp nest removal service right away.

Our Method for Removing Wasp Nests

Since each wasp nest is unique, we at Wasp Nest Removal Portsmouth customise our removal procedure to fit each specific situation. An summary of our wasp nest elimination procedure is provided below:

Initial Evaluation

We begin by determining the type of wasp nest we are dealing with, as well as its size and location. This enables us to create a removal strategy that is unique to you.


To reduce the possibility of stings, we prepare the area by donning protective gear and clothing.


To get rid of the wasp nest, we employ a variety of risk-free and efficient techniques, such as vacuuming, spraying, and dusting. The location, size, and kind of the nest will determine the treatment strategy we choose.


After the treatment is finished, we clear the location of the nest and any lingering wasps.


We offer a follow-up service to make sure the nest has been entirely taken out and that there are no evidence of any lingering wasps.

We take every measure to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of our removal technique. We can handle wasp nests of various shapes and sizes because of the extensive training and experience of our professionals.

How We Remove Wasp Nests

We only ever use products that we know are effective when it comes to removing wasps. The type of products we use depends on the location of the wasp nest. For indoor areas, we use a dry powder known as Ficam D. When it comes to outdoor infestations, our exterminator for wasp nests will use Perbio Choc. This is an ecologically friendly product that is sprayed directly on the nest. It’s incredibly effective and works fast.

Contact Us Today For Wasp Nest Removals in Portsmouth

If you require wasp nest removal services in Portsmouth, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Speak with an expert by calling 023 9309 2101 or 07501 70 2101. Once they’ve gained an understanding of your situation, they can provide you with a plan. You can then schedule a time and date for them to come and remove the wasp nest. Our experts are highly trained in removing all kinds of wasp nests. They’re also adaptive and can come up with solutions on the spot for especially tricky jobs. Therefore, you can feel confident in knowing that you’ll have professionals dealing with the issue for you.

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