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Portsmouth Exterminator

Portsmouth Exterminator

Pests can cause irreparable damage to your home and property, not to mention the health of your loved ones. Getting rid of pests isn’t easy if you haven’t been trained in pest control—and it could be dangerous for someone who is inexperienced. Harsh chemicals are often used in do-it-yourself pest control solutions, posing a threat to pets and loved ones.

Pest control in Portsmouth

If you are concerned about rodents in your home and want to eliminate them, contact Pegasus Pest Solutions for a consultation. We serve the Portsmouth area and will work with you one-on-one to find an effective pest management plan. For more information about Pegasus Pest Solutions Ltd, call 023 9309 2101 or 07501 7021 01.

Mice in Portsmouth

What are the benefits of professional pest exterminators?

We can identify the pests

To solve a pest problem, you must first identify the type of pest. Various chemicals or baits may be necessary to get rid of different types of pests—for example, mice versus rats.

We can locate them accurately

In order to eliminate pests, you must first find the source of their infestation. It is not enough just to get rid of visible pests; rather, you should seek out and destroy whatever place they're coming from: water leaks in your home or holes under your foundation are possible culprits if mice have been spotted.

Damage control

Homeowners who use our services are able to alleviate an infestation quickly and efficiently, thereby preserving their property's value.

Health and Safety

Eliminating pests from your home can help protect your health. Some pests, such as ticks and spiders, carry dangerous bacteria and diseases that humans can become infected with by coming into contact with them. Diseases like Lyme Disease or E-coli are just a few of the illnesses carried by these insects.

Contact us

Pegasus Pest Control understands that you should feel safe and comfortable in your home, so our experienced technicians will work quickly and efficiently to solve any pest problem. We can help you understand what your options are, and provide a quote based on our assessment of the problem. Once we’ve visited your home and property to get a better idea of what kinds of pests are present, then we will make recommendations for effective solutions. 

If you would like a quote, please visit our contact page or email us at nat@pegasus-pest.co.uk or give us a call on 07501702101.

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