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Are rats still a problem in the summer?

Many people believe their home is most at risk of a rat invasion during the winter months when they seek shelter from cold weather and when food outdoors can be scarce. But is it true that rats are also a problem for homes throughout Hampshire in the summer months, too? Read this blog post to find out!

While it is true that rats much prefer warmer homes to take shelter in the winter, in the summer months, the warmer weather and high temperatures will often send rats on a hunt for a more comfortable place to take cover. While this might mean that rats are less likely to enter your home in the summer, it might also be the case that rats also may have trouble finding enough food and water outdoors during hot, dry months. All of these things can be conveniently found inside your home, so our pest control experts believe that there is a chance that even in the summer, rat infestations can be a big problem. 

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Rat control experts based in Portsmouth

Most people are aware that rats may transmit a variety of illnesses to humans, some of which are fatal, which is why when they enter your home unwillingly, there's always an urgent desire to get them removed ASAP. At Pegasus Pest Solutions, we can do just that. 

Why are rats so dangerous?

Rats are known to gnaw through soft metal, electrical wire, and other materials. It's no surprise that they may do considerable damage to a home and its belongings because of their need to gnaw and grind down their teeth. They may even wreak havoc on vehicles by eating through engine wiring, so you must be sure to call a qualified professional to deal with a rat infestation should you notice one.

How can rats enter my home? 

Due to being nocturnal, rats will spend the evenings inspecting your home for any potential entry points. Because of their long, cylindrical bodies, rats can fit through relatively narrow spaces. Smaller rats can even fit through a quarter-sized hole or less. It just takes one large enough hole for a rat to get inside. Rats are attracted to small fractures, holes, and gaps in your home. If you have one rat, you most likely have dozens. 

Rats are known to roam in groups and almost never dwell alone. They are highly clever creatures who are also incredibly sociable with one another. Their capacity to breed swiftly can result in an astonishingly rapid rat infestation. A male and female rat may produce 2000 rats in a single year. As the size of your rat infestation rises, so will your capacity to control it, so you should get in touch with one of our experts here at Pegasus Pest Solutions if you suspect that you have an infestation.