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How do rats find their way into your attic?

Most people will reply no if you ask them if they have rats in their house, but if you ask them if they've ever checked their attic, they'll usually respond yes. People who haven't checked their attics for rats are frequently surprised. It is often the case that rats can be found in seemingly unoccupied attics. Is there a chance that you've got rats or potentially some other rodents hiding in yours?

It's not uncommon for mice and rat colonies to thrive in attics years before a homeowner notices them. Similarly, when individuals find rats in their homes, they frequently trace the site of entrance back to their attic, but why is this such a typical occurrence? In the first place, how did rats get into your attic?

Why attics are a natural habitat for many rodents

One of the first things to remember is that each rat or mouse is ultimately led by its instincts. There are many distinct types of rodents. And each species has its own strategy for surviving in the wild. The most commonly found rat species in UK homes is the black rat, which is particularly fond of heights. 

The black rat is sometimes known as the "roof rat." And, as the name implies, black rats enjoy heights as they are fantastic climbers. They may travel quickly from limb to limb on any particular tree in nature. This ability has given it a significant edge in human environments. A black rat can effortlessly jump from a tree to a roof, which is why they are most commonly found in attics.

Once the rat has made it to your roof, it is obvious what his next move will be. A rat's nose can detect a wide range of different meals. A rat or mouse will often notice all of the wonderful aromas emanating from your kitchen. Not to mention that he may detect the warmth emanating from your home. A rat enjoys snug, warm environments almost as much as he enjoys a good meal. And the chance of obtaining both will frequently entice a rat to do some amazing acts of breaking and entering.

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