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How to get rid of a rat nest in your home?

When faced with a rat infestation in your home, there's a chance that panic will set in and you'll be scared to do anything about it but call in an expert pest control specialist. But in reality, they won't always be able to come to your home immediately. Here are some pointers on how to remove a rat nest if you find one on your property.

When you have a rat infestation in your house, rat nests form because rats often reside in big groups susceptible to the conditions inside of a home that offers simple hiding locations for a rat's nest. As rats frequently transmit illnesses, a rat infestation can cause significant harm to a house or company due to the possibility of disease and related health risks.

Signs that you have a rat nest in your home

 If you have a rat infestation or a rat nest in your house, you may see chewed things such as electrical wires, wooden furniture, insulation, and food packaging. You could notice a large ball of fluffy up stuff being used as a nest by the rats. You may observe rat droppings, especially in locations where you suspect rats congregate; rat droppings are bigger than mouse droppings and roughly the size of raisins.

Do you own any pets?

Owning pets of your own is a good thing if you have a rat infestation since pets will likely notice it sooner a rat nest sooner than you will. If you have a dog or a cat, you may see them acting suspiciously in specific areas, such as barking, meowing, or pawing, in an attempt to find where the rats are hiding. You may also hear rats moving about your home at night, which will sound like light skittering or scratching. If you observe any of these indications, you should act quickly to avoid the rats from becoming a bigger problem and causing damage or disease.

What do rat nests look like?

A black rat nest may resemble a bird's nest in appearance, but instead of leaves and twigs, a black rat nest will often contain any soft material found around the home, such as paper goods, cardboard, and even shredded cloth. Roof rat nests are sometimes mistaken for birds; thus, it is critical to investigate the nest to ensure that it is created from materials found in your home.

Look outdoors

We recommend that you inspect any outside sheds, garages, or outbuildings for suspected rat hiding places and remove them from any clutter. Check around the outside of your home for probable entry sites for rats, keeping in mind that a rat can pass through space as tiny as one inch, so look for cracks beneath doors and chinks in bricks. You may purchase flexible seals to place beneath entrances to help keep rats out.

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How to remove a rat's nest

If you discover a rat in your house, you must be terrified and immediately contact a pest control expert to deal with the situation effectively. While discovering a stray rat wandering through your home is unpleasant, there is a more serious hazard to consider if you have a rat infestation. It is critical to remove the rats from the house before attempting to dismantle the nest. Because traps might take a long time to eliminate all the rodents, professional pest control is the best alternative for rat nest eradication. To avoid the transmission of viruses, the nest should be destroyed and the surroundings carefully sanitised.

After checking that no rats are in the nest, open all windows and doors within the home or building to allow the poisons from the nest to escape. This is significant because the movement of the nesting materials will release rodent diseases into the air. 
Pour bleach straight into the nest and let it settle into the materials left behind by the rats. Because of the bleach and germs in the nest, it is critical to ventilate the space and use strong gloves and a ventilator mask. Wipe down the entire space with bleach to disinfect the walls and any passages and kill any infections or viruses. If there are droppings, soak the waste in bleach for at least 10 minutes before attempting to remove it. The nest may be disposed of in an outside rubbish bin by placing it inside a thick contractor bag that has been fastened down. 

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Our professionals at Pegasus Pest Solutions will handle this matter for you; simply call us at 07501702101 and we will try to reach your property in Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport or Hampshire as soon as we can. Finally, sanitise the whole room, including the outside walls and other common places around the home or building, using bleach and a strong cleanser. Put all cleaning products and gloves in the rubbish.